Case Study Assignment Help

A case study assignment, also known as a case, is an in-depth research on one or a few objects of investigation to produce broad and detailed knowledge on the subject. 

A case study assignment is a scientific research strategy that analyzes a current phenomenon in its real context and its variables. It is an intensive and systematic study of an institution, community, or individual that allows the examination of complex phenomena.

This research strategy is mainly used in the areas of humanities and health. A case study assignment can be described in the form of articles, monographs, master’s theses, and doctoral theses.

The purpose of a case study is to produce knowledge about a phenomenon. This knowledge can be used as a theoretical reference for understanding similar situations. For this, a generalizing analysis is carried out, but it is always necessary to consider the particularities of each case.

It is common for the results obtained in case studies to be cross-checked with theories and data obtained by other methods, reinforcing their basis and giving credibility to the academic work.

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