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Best Essay Writing Service

An academic essay is a mirror of your thinking, subjective impressions, reasoning with elements of the journalistic genre. This is a vivid way to demonstrate the vastness of knowledge, deep analysis, rhetoric, and argumentation skills to your professor.

Writing a quality essay in English requires a high level of language proficiency, a rich vocabulary, and the ability to clearly and concisely state your thoughts. The formal style of narration is one of the features of the English essay. Besides, you must demonstrate the vastness of vocabulary and correct language use, including expressions and flavor that give it a sense of personality.

There are many types of English, scientific, and business essays that a student can come across at the college/university level.

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Types of Essays at a Glance- Best Essay Writing Service

Narrative essays– Narrative essays tell a story and are generally the most personal type of essay you’ll write.

Descriptive Essays- Descriptive essays provide a detailed description of your subject matter.

Expository essays-Expository essays explain something in a neutral way, where writers demonstrate their knowledge or expertise in a certain area.

Cause and effect essays cause– Cause and effect essays explain why certain events or situations led to other events. They provide a clear connection between the two sets of events or circumstances and explain the initial event’s characteristics resulting in subsequent incidents.

Critical essays- Highly common in literature and humanities courses. They require an in-depth analysis of a topic, which may include critiquing works, such as paintings, books, movies, plays, and restaurants.

Persuasive essays- Persuasive essays persuade readers to adopt an opinion or take a side using both facts and emotional appeals.

Argumentative essays- Argumentative essays are meant to convince readers to take a certain side based on the information presented. They rely on facts rather than emotion to sway the readers. 

Compare and contrast essays- Compare and contrast essays describe two subjects detailing the similarities and differences between them. 

Process essays- Process essays, another type of exposition essay, describe how to do something or how something works.

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